Causes We Support

At the age of 16, Cassandra Yoder, never dreamt that her pursuit of playing professional tennis would lead her to found a nonprofit organization. After a serious back injury derailed her future in tennis, Cassandra traveled to Malawi, Africa, to volunteer at an orphanage - an experience which forever changed her life. Falling in love with the people in this impoverished country, she knew she had to do more. Subsequently, Cassandra returned to the states and started Taking Back Lives, a not-for-profit focused on providing educational opportunities to the people of Malawi.

In recent years, Taking Back Lives officially joined forces with long-time partner RIPPLE Africa in order to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Now known as RIPPLE Africa USA, the organization’s mission also includes projects focused on health and the environment, in addition to its educational emphasis. RIPPLE Africa’s motto of “Providing a hand up, not a hand out” embodies the philosophy of the organization and serves as the guiding force for how best to serve the myriad of needs faced by the Malawian people.

President and owner of Yoder Homes & Remodeling, Denny Yoder, could not be prouder of his daughter’s efforts and is a faithful supporter of RIPPLE Africa and its work in Malawi. Please visit and see how this amazing organization is making a global impact in one of the poorest countries in the world!